Monday, July 28, 2008

Small Winery Lab Workshop

A couple weeks ago I went to Mizzou and attended a small winery lab workshop. I went for two reasons. The first reason was that I teach a Fundamentals of Enology class at the local junior college and I wanted to hear Rebecca's take on teaching the lab work, and I also wanted to test my own pH meter to the university's to make sure mine was working well before harvest. You can read all about the workshop here and see a picture of me on the top picture with the two men to my left.


Claire said...

Sounds cool! However, I looked, & I didn't see you in the pictures. Maybe this wine is stronger than I thought... =)

Claire said...

Oh, & one more thing - I don't know why, but I never realized that MO has a viticulture program! That's very cool, because whether or not people want to admit it, grapes grown in MO have something to offer!!!

Elaine said...

If you click on the word "here" I'm in the top picture that pertains to the article. There are two guys looking at the aeration oxidation apparatus with goggles on, and I am in the middle, back part of the picture with my face facing the camera.

The program at Mizzou is very new, and we are very proud.