Thursday, November 30, 2006

Buy Local.

So, we're swimming in Christmas Plum over here. I was kind enough to not talk about it until after Thanksgiving, but there is no escape now. I am happy to say that our Christmas Plum seems to be everywhere in the southeast part of Missouri. It is made from 100% fresh plums, and is sweet with a hint of spice that is not added. IMO, this is the perfect gift. I have a guy friend who buys at least a case every year so he doesn't have to muddle through the mall. He gives one to everyone on his list, and I think this is a mighy fine idea. I plan to give one to everyone, my mail person, my UPS man, my hairdresser, my priest. It's a no brainer. Most everyone likes wine, most everyone likes a regional product, and most everyone likes to spend a small amount of money. ;)

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