Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I'm intrigued by words (this writing thing does come pretty easy.)

Today I was on the phone with a reporter from a BBC radio program, and I didn't even catch his name, but he is traveling America and doing live interviews on the radio. I guess he was in this area, and was surprised to find there is a wine industry in Missouri, and so he asked me a few questions about the winery, and then was on his way. Towards the end of the conversation he used the word, "smashing" and I held in a little giggle. I wondered for a moment if I was on the phone with Austin Powers. I think I'm going to try to use that word more often, "this late harvest Vidal blanc wine is smashing."

While looking at the website that helps me track where people come from who look at the winery website and this blog, I came across a referring site that calls itself epodunk as in e - po - dunk, as in a website all about places in the middle of nowhere. If that doesn't make you smile, go take your prozac and refresh.

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