Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Jour de Fete

Every year on the second weekend in August, our town of Ste. Genevieve hosts one of the largest craft fairs in the state called Jour de Fete, which means "day of festivities" in French. This year is no exception. Our streets will be lined with over 500 crafters, a classic car show, colonial crafts, live music, a quilt auction, and lots of great food (my favorites are the deep fried oreos and the pork burgers.) There is a downloadable schedule at the Ste. Gen Herald website, it's in red on the left. When you open it, it is easier to read if you print it.

Come by and visit us at the winery. We're a great air conditioned relief from the heat, and the wine is always affordable and refreshing.


Eric said...

Great wines, I like the strawberry, cherry, and red currant. Being descended from the St.Gemme's you'd think I'd like the St. Gemme named wine better, but I like the sweet ones. Last time I visited the winery store a long time ago, a nice lady named Mrs.LaRose let us taste all
kinds of wines.

Elaine said...

Thanks for the nice comments. Mrs. Bertha LaRose was such an energetic talkative lady. She sold a lot of wine for us, and I am sad to say she passed away earlier this year. She hasn't worked for us for at least 10 years though. So, if you haven't been to our winery since Bertha worked for us, your visit is overdue! =)