Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Apple Lees

We racked the apple wine yesterday and this is a picture of the thick settlings at the bottom of the tank, called lees, draining out of the bottom valve. I love this color, and after looking at it, I have realized this is the color we painted the walls of our dining room. John, my husband, calls it "old gold" from the colors of the University of Missouri- Columbia, where we met.


Angelia said...

I can't wait to taste some of that apple wine. :)

miguel hunt said...

hi there .. in need of some professional advice regarding gross lees and fine lees in apple wine. I have been pressing my apples ang getting a pretty clear juice (with the odd bit of shredded apple !) so haven't been getting a heavy gross lees. With this in ind I have not been racking off but rather have opted tpo keep the original (gross) lees and use as it it was the the second fine lees and keep the wine on this for bewtween 12 and 18 months). I have been getting lots of interesting good flavors and with no spoliage. Ny main problem at the moment is that I havde to room or eqipment for cold stabilisation so often get tartration in the bottles ater a few months of bottling. I am wondering if combining the gross with the fine lees and leaving thew wine on this will prtoduce excessive tannin (as that tends to leacgh out too!! ANy pointers?

PS your part of Missouri looks like my part of Wales (UK)