Monday, July 27, 2009

Shake Your Tree

This is a picture of the Cherry Picker up in Michigan. The machine grabs a hold of the trunk of the Cherry tree, then this canvas fans out around the tree like wings. The machine shakes the tree, all the Cherries fall onto the canvas, and back to conveyor belts.


Kestrel said...

I just stumbled into your blog. I have a cousin who is a high school principal in St. Gen. I would have loved to have been down for Jour de Fete. I understand it is usually very hot. Your father passed very close to me (Plymouth Indiana) on his way to Paw Paw for Cherries. Did you know that Lake Michigan acts like a hot water bottle in the winter and keeps that part of Michigan milder than areas much farther from the lake? My mother always brings home some St Genevieve Wine from her trips back to Bonne Terre.

Elaine said...

Jour de Fete was hot as usual. I think the heat index on Sunday was 105. The sangria sold well though- cold wine over ice with fruit- perfect for the dog days of summer. Hope your mom can bring you a bottle of our Cherry, it's always very popular, and sounds like you aren't far from Cherry country. Welcome to my blog- hope you check back often, and leave as many comments as your heart desires.

Kestrel said...

We are at the southern end of the fruit growing region of southwest Michigan and Norhern Indiana. Commonly referred to as Michiana! Paw Paw is at the far norhern end.
We have Indiana's largest festival every Labor Day weekend called the Blueberry Festival over 500,000 people visit over the four day event!
I am really interested in wines that are produced exclusively with Missouri fruit