Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I'm Really Getting Into Winter

Katie and Clyde own Peaceful Bend Winery in Steelville, Missouri. If you haven't been there yet, you are really missing out. Their winery is back in the woods, but not hard to find. It is beautiful there, and the wine is outstanding. Katie and I are friends in real life, but we are also blog friends. She has two blogs, just like me, a personal one and a winery one. Last week they did some sledding, and it looks like so much fun, and makes me laugh. If these videos don't make you like winter, or even the idea of winter, then your heart might just be an icicle. The video I like the best is on Katie's personal blog PeacefulkT's Pursuits, but there are lots of great video on the Peaceful Bend blog too.


Clyde said...

Hey Elaine! Thanks for this...I'm glad you enjoyed the videos. We had loads of fun making them. I like your thoughts on winter too - what a great reminder to find joy right now instead of wishing for something else. Take care, and I'm looking forward to seeing you this weekend!

info said...


Two blogs?! Man, trying to run one is hard enough!

Found my way to your blog through the Fermentation link, enjoyed the read. We've set up a blog on our winery site in Stellenbosch ( and wondered if you would be interested in swapping links? We're trying offer something a little different as a winery website and to get the word out about it so if you are interested in a link.

Best Wishes

Grant Dodd
Dombeya Wines