Saturday, September 13, 2008

Yesterday, 9.12.08

just waiting for the sugar to rise and the acid to drop now


grapestomper52 said...

My Cynthiana look great this year. The bunches are full and ripening evenly. Can you share with me your techniques on processing these. Seems to be some trick to when to pick and in making good wine from these and I'm just learning.
Love your blog and visit often from here in TN.

Elaine said...

Norton (Cynthiana) are tricky. We usually pick early to mid October. The acid is crazy in Norton, so monitor your fermentation closely. You might need to add some tartaric acid at the very beginning. Tannins are a big help in Norton too. Go to your local wine making store and pick their brain, especially about measuring and adding acid, and see if they have any tannins available. Good luck!