Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Find Us in St. Louis- Part Deux

This weekend we will be pouring and selling wine at the Best of Missouri Market at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. This year we are bringing the Blackberry, Cranberry, Traminette, Lady Genevieve, Ste. Gemme and Beauvais. Usually the Lady Genevieve and Traminette are only available in our tasting room in downtown Ste. Genevieve, but this week they will be available at the tasting with us. Plus, the Cranberry is perfect for the fall. So many good choices!

If you come by the booth, introduce yourself and tell me you read the blog. I'm the pregnant, tall one with the short brown hair.

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Karen said...

We just came home from a wonderful trip to Ste. Genevieve to tour my family's old homes. The next time we head down, we'll be sure to stop at your winery!