Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Dad is a Farmer At Heart

My Dad is about as old fashioned as they come. Last weekend we made ketchup in a copper kettle (as if that doesn't prove my point enough) we started talking about the recipe for the ketchup and he said, "OK, the first thing we should start with is a peck of tomatoes." I had to stop him right there, and give a little laugh. He would have been perfect growing up in the 1850s, with his German ancestors that made the trek from their homeland to Missouri.
I will have to say that this scarecrow is doing his job, though. I went out to get a berry sample of the Vignoles, and gave this guy another look.
Another fine example of not being organic but using what the good Lord and this farm supplies and try to grow excellent grapes all at the same time.

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