Tuesday, June 27, 2006

State Wide!

As a result of having our wine in all those Wal-Marts I talked about earlier, Dad and I have found a distributer to take our wine not only to Wal-Mart, but state wide. Mostly I am excited, but as we get closer, a tiny part of me is starting to get nervous. This is kind of make or break. We have a salesman now, more of a friend of the family than an employee, and he takes good care of all those little shops along the way from here to there. We are comfortable with the trickle of money coming in once a week. The distributer has placed a healthy order, so that is promising, just as long as they keep reordering. Will their sales force keep us in mind at every store across this big state? I sure hope so.

If you live in Missouri, do us a favor and buy a bottle of our wine at your local store when you see it. ;)

I hope this is just the beginning of realizing our full potential.


Mike Duffy said...

Don't forget to add a picture of the bottle to your blog so we'll all know what to look for in the store!

Seriously, don't forget that people reading this blog may never have seen a bottle of your wine (and you didn't mention the name of your winery - which doesn't appear in the name of this blog).

In fact, as long as I'm complaining, you really need a link from your blog to your winery web site.

Best of luck to Sainte Genevieve Winery!

Anonymous said...

My parents came to visit us in Texas and stopped at the Walmart in Lebanon, MO. They purchased the Cherry, Blackberry and Concord. We enjoyed all of them and really loved the Cherry and Blackberry. Luckily, the Fulton Walmart carries the Blackberry and they will be purchasing it in the future!