Monday, April 10, 2006

Bed & Breakfast Guests

In this world of mine, working for the family business, trying to cover many bases, my job is never dull. My husband, John, and I run the Bed and Breakfast that is on the second floor of the tasting room in downtown Ste. Genevieve. This weekend, we hosted the same couple Friday and Saturday night. They were great guests, by Sunday morning we felt as if we were saying goodbye to friends.

People come to stay at our B&B for different reasons. Some have a wedding to attend in town, so their time is full, their every minute busy with visiting family and friends. Others come to stay for a relaxing, quiet weekend, and they leisurely walk around town, and cuddle up in bed and watch a movie. Still others are chatty, sociable, looking for the best hot spots Ste. Gen and the surrounding towns can offer. I love meeting everyone who comes in, I just plain love people and how different or similar we can all be.

I forgot my camera at the B&B, but I did take some pictures, and they said it was o.k. to post their pictures tomorrow. If you are reading this, Charlotte and Larry, we really did have a great time. Thanks for the advice about touring different parts of Illinois, and I will have to say that wine spreadsheet Charlotte made was incredible. As we said yesterday, you are welcome back anytime.

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